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IMPORTANT: Please note this programme has been designed to work best on Microsoft excel. If you open it on any other format such as google sheets or numbers it could corrupt the data and make it extremely hard to use. this programme comes with a video walkthrough of how to use this programme successfully - please watch before you start the programme! if you require a printable version contact us directly and we will send you a pdf version which will be easier to print than this style of document.

When we refer to fat loss in this programme we mean it will result in an increased calorie burn than your average training sessions - which will then give you more potential for fat loss as long as you're meeting your nutritional needs. (For more info on this, purchase our Nutrition guide).

This programme consists of a multitude of training styles e.g. HIIT, Interval & Continuous training which all result in high calorie expenditure due to the intensity and nature of the training sessions. This means each training style will require a different level of power and endurance to perform them. Each workout will mainly be working within an anaerobic capacity that will train your ability to handle moderate durations at close to maximal effort.

This programme consists of 3 x workouts per week for week 1-4, 4 x workouts per week for week 5-8, and finally 5 x workouts per week for week 9-12. We have also incorporated weekly challenges to measure and compare your level of performance and fitness over the 12 weeks.


- Goal setting form
- Equipment list
- How to read the programme
- Measurements form
- Progress Pictures guide
- Full body mobility routine
- 12 week training programme including training log
- Bonus workouts

This programme is unique from other fat loss programmes as it provides you with a way to track and monitor your progress over the 12 weeks, it also allows you to set yourself short and long term goals so you have something to work towards. We also have provided a full body mobility routine which means you will be better prepared to perform your workout and minimise your risk of injury. It also contains workout challenges each session to keep you motivated and on track for the entire 4 weeks of the programme. Finally, we have included tried and tested training methods that we use to achieve amazing results with many of our in-person and online clients.

Overall, this programme will give you the tools and experience to follow a structured routine which allows you to monitor your progress over a set period of time. The experience you gain from this programme will not only empower you to perform and look better, but it will also set the standard you should aspire for when following other training programmes.


"I started RikFit with the intention of doing a month or so to learn a few things to take away for training myself in the gym... After a month at RikFit I didn't want to leave! RikFit gives you so much attention. They explain everything to you to help you understand what you're doing, why you're doing it and how it works. Their passion for training really rubs off on you. I hope to return for even more great results in the near future."

Tim Moffatt

"As cliche as it sounds joining RikFit really changed my life. Teaching me how to get out of bad habits and replacing them with much better sustainable ways. Also teaching me so many new things about training made me realise where I went wrong in the past. RikFit didn't only change transform my body but inspired me to change my career so I can help others like me and live the life I want to live! I would do nothing but advocate you to join RikFit if you want to change your life".

Ben Mannion

"Starting with Ricky, has got to be one of the best decisions I made in my continued journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Rik, his knowledge helped me and still helps me years on. He’s wasn’t just my coach, but also became a friend, never a dull moment and I would recommend joining the Rik if you want to get in great shape or even if you're just starting out."

Jack Thomas

"When I first started with Rik, I never thought that I’d become so passionate about fitness, it really has changed my life. Not only have I lost weight I have become more educated on nutrition and how to stay fit and healthy! It has given me more confidence in myself and I couldn’t ask for anything more from Rik, everything he does and has done is amazing and will forever have a positive impact on my life."

Megan Baines

"I loved training at RikFit - The training program had plenty of variety and I was seeing changes in my physique almost every week. I learned so much at RikFit, especially about nutrition and how to train in a way that suits me. I continue to use everything I learned, and I am very happy with my results! They have a very professional set up and I would definitely recommend RikFit to anyone!

Kieran McKnight

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