Can I grow muscle from home?

Can I grow muscle from home?

"Can I grow muscle from home?"



This was one of the most frequently asked questions during and post COVID. 



One of the things that happened is a lot of people who had never embarked on a training regime started training from home.



And even when gyms did open, they wanted to continue to train from home as its where they felt their most comfortable. 



Now in response to the question of can you grow muscle from home the answer is not going to be set in stone, i'm going to use the dreaded words of.......






It's not the answer you want but i'll go into a little more detail below.



Are you a noob?



Now if you are a noob to training or have very little training experience then there is a chance that you can definitely grow muscle from home.



This is due to the stimulus you will create on the target muscles.



As you have never exposed them to much resistance they respond very well and by increasing the number of reps and sets you do a new stimulus is created each time.



Are you intermediate or experienced?



If you are more experienced the chances of you developing more muscle from home is slim.



As you have already exposed yourself to a fair bit of stimulus in the gym in order for you to grow muscle you will require more load in order to stimulate growth.



Now if you have a set up at home where you have access to a load of dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands that exceed a good amount of weight then this changes the game completely.



But if we are looking at no to minimal equipment then the chances are a lot lower.



What if I don't want to go to the gym?



There is nothing up with not wanting to go to the gym at all.



But remember if you have a goal of getting stronger or growing muscle then you are going to be limited.



In the long run if you do want to just maintain/slightly increase muscle mass but your main focus is to just be doing some form of exercise for health then please crack on.






I would always advocate for most people to train in a gym for the following reasons.....



Access to heavy weights



Access to machines



Building confidence in the gym setting



Being around people who have similar goals to you



Become part of a great community (for the most part)



New surrounding other than your house



There are plenty more I could list but as you can see there are a lot of benefits to training at a gym.



If you read the above list and like the sound of them then its clear where you need to train.



If you read the list and are honestly not bothered about most of them, training from home will be perfect for you.



Ultimately make the best choice for you and your goals, and if anyone tells you otherwise then they are a tool pushing their own biases on you.



If you feel like you need further help with your coaching then book a call with us!



We are here to BREAK THE CYCLE!



Hope you have a great day,



Ben Mannion
Head Coach
RikFit Dynamic Coaching



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