Online Training Programmes

About our Online Training Programmes

All of our Online Training programmes are accessible through the RikFit app which is extremely user friendly and compatible with both IOS & Android. The App consists of;

  • Dashboard – which provides you of an overview of your profile, you can also message a coach privately.
  • Programmes – This is the section that will include your training programme, you can log your sessions in detail monitoring your reps, sets, weight etc. It also provides you with video tutorials to demonstrate correct form and assist your training experience.
  • Guides – Within this section you will find PDF documents such as eBooks, Survival Guides, Recipe Guides & much more. (The documents in this section change depending on what package you are on).
  • Logbook – In this section you can monitor your progress pictures, habits, measurements and can also connect MyFitnessPal to monitor your nutrition.

We’ve split the RikFit Online Training Programmes into 2 categories, Male & Female. We also have the option of gym or home training programmes that are specific to your goal.

  • Our Hypertrophy programmes are based on building muscle.
  • Our Strength programmes are designed to improve your overall strength.

All of our training programmes can be geared towards Fat Loss or Muscle Gain depending on your nutrition protocols.