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The RikFit Story

We are a team of expert transformation coaches who share one mission and that is to help you become the best version of yourself through our in-person and online transformation programmes.

We aren't like most other personal training and online coaching businesses out there. We have quite a unique story. RikFit was officially founded in 2013 by Ricky Gibbins at the age of 18. However, Rik had already been coaching from the age of 14 - there aren't many trainers around who get experience that early, and by the time he was 18 he had already experienced more of this industry than most trainers would by their mid 20's.

Rik had, and still has, a very clear passion for transforming peoples' lives for the better. Even though RikFit originally started out in a garage on 2 square metres of matting and whatever equipment Rik could scavenge - such as scaffolding poles for bars, tyres, hammers, ropes etc., it would soon grow into a business with 2 small studios that were fully equipped with hundreds of kgs worth of weights, bars, pulleys, dumbbells etc.. with over 50 active members and 80 people on a waiting list by 2016!

Since then, RikFit has grown from strength to strength, following the same ethos of providing the best service and best physical and mental transformations for people like yourself. We are now more than 8 years into business and have transformed 1000s of people’s lives, both in person and online, through our experience and evidence-based coaching. Our head coaches, Ben Mannion & Cameron Lever, are also ex-RikFit clients who have successfully completed the RikFit transformation programmes and progressed to becoming personal trainers and nutritionists themselves.

Rik, Ben & Cam have all experienced the RikFit transformation programmes first-hand, which allows them to truly relate to the journey you're on and to help you achieve the best transformation and lifestyle possible.

As RikFit continues to grow in-person and online, so does our facility, staff, and determination to continue to provide such a high-quality service to people like yourself.

We also take pride in our amazing community of clients at RikFit. The saying "You are a product of your environment, you become the people you surround yourself with" is very true in our eyes, hence why we have worked so hard to create an amazing environment and community of clients both in-person and online.

Every coach at RikFit shares the same goal, and that's to get YOU the best results possible. 


Founder – Ricky Gibbins

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Head Coach – Benjamin Mannion

 What does training mean to Ben?
Head Coach – Cameron Lever


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