Tim Moffatt - "I started RikFit with the intention of doing a month or so to learn a few things to take away for training myself in the gym... After a month at RikFit I didn't want to leave! RikFit gives you so much attention. They explain everything to you to help you understand what you're doing, why you're doing it and how it works. Their passion for training really rubs off on you. I hope to return for even more great results in the near future."


Emma Bagshaw - "I started the female group sessions with Ricky before my wedding to help me feel amazing in my wedding dress. I did 2 months of group training at Rik Fit and then 1 month of training using RikFit online. The group sessions were great, and Ricky and the other PTs kept it fun but pushed me at the same time! The other girls who went were all so nice and it was fun to train with them! I saw such a huge difference to my figure after 3 months and couldn’t have been happier with the results! If you want to see a huge difference, feel like you have double the energy, feel strong and be much more confident in yourself then RikFit is for you!"


Ben Mannion - "As cliche as it sounds joining RikFit really changed my life. Teaching me how to get out of bad habits and replacing them with much better sustainable ways. Also teaching me so many new things about training made me realise where I went wrong in the past. RikFit didn't only change transform my body but inspired me to change my career so I can help others like me and live the life I want to live! I would do nothing but advocate you to join RikFit if you want to change your life".


Jack Thomas - "Starting with Ricky, has got to be one of the best decisions I made in my continued journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Rik, his knowledge helped me and still helps me years on. He’s wasn’t just my coach, but also became a friend, never a dull moment and I would recommend joining the Rik if you want to get in great shape or even if you're just starting out."


Megan Baines - "When I first started with Rik, I never thought that I’d become so passionate about fitness, it really has changed my life. Not only have I lost weight I have become more educated on nutrition and how to stay fit and healthy! It has given me more confidence in myself and I couldn’t ask for anything more from Rik, everything he does and has done is amazing and will forever have a positive impact on my life."


Kieran McKnight "I loved training at RikFit - The training program had plenty of variety and I was seeing changes in my physique almost every week. I learned so much at RikFit, especially about nutrition and how to train in a way that suits me. I continue to use everything I learned, and I am very happy with my results! They have a very professional set up and I would definitely recommend RikFit to anyone!


Daniel Carding - “Prior to training at RikFit I struggled to lose weight/tone up. I didn’t realise that I was doing it all wrong! I learned about nutrition and what to do to achieve my goals. I really enjoy training at RikFit, and Rick is a great coach – he’s passionate and will always support you! I’ve lost loads of weight already and can see my progress. I’ve been so inspired by RikFit and I would highly recommend them – 10 


Zac Latouche - "I trained with the male group for 6 months, from the first week I noticed results as my weight continued to go down and my strength increased - as well as this whilst being at RikFit I was able to develop my knowledge and understanding of Nutrition and Training to an extent where I felt comfortable to coach myself which I was struggling with previously!
Overall the service provided is exceptional, each coach is very professional and will go out of their way to ensure you achieve your goals. Training at RikFit is the best investment you’ll ever make."


Shauna Cotter - "I enjoyed my time at RikFit not only because of the exercise and what you learn from the coaches, but also in a social sense. The groups are so welcoming and friendly, and it is such an enjoyable environment to be doing exercise in. I was so pleased with my progress and it made me a lot more confident in myself. I’d definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to go back to see what further improvements I can make".


Owen Talmage"I really enjoyed my time at RikFit really good and fun environment. Coaching was always at the best level and you are never pushed to do anything that you don't want to or can't do.
Also with the diet plan side it was always on time and efficient and in detail and not too complicated to understand.
If I was like to rate RikFit it would definitely be a 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to transform themselves."


Joe Fynan - "Having never trained myself I looked to RikFit for guidance to get me on the right tracks. He has helped me gain knowledge to take away to train by myself and have started to notice differences in my body in a short period of time, due to the time and care he puts into all of his clients. I hope to train with Ricky again soon."


Litalia Tracy - "My time at RikFit has been the best, my goal was to fit back into old clothes, have a healthier lifestyle, become stronger and to feel comfortable with my body and I have managed to achieve all of that in the past 2-3 months I have been there. Joining RikFit was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"


Jack Turner - "I’ve really enjoyed my time at RikFit so far, since starting I’ve lost an awful lot of weight and managed to pack on a bit of muscle. All the coaches are very knowledgeable & supportive. They know exactly what they are talking about, and most importantly the sessions are quality but also a lot of fun. I'm very happy with my results so far and I can’t wait to see what I achieve with RikFit in the future!".


Connor Colman - "I started training at RikFit and straight away I felt a change, physically and mentally I felt better about myself, it was the perfect push towards getting physically fit, it helped implement a diet that gets results, and maintain them, through the sustainability of the diet! 10/10 service & I would definitely recommend RikFit if you’re serious about achieving your goal!"


Sara Podam - "I absolutely love training at RikFit. I feel so comfortable and at ease with the RikFit team and they are so passionate about what they do, you can tell they really have your best interest at heart. If you’re looking to make some serious changes, I would say you’ve come to the right place. I cannot recommend RikFit enough!"


Nicole McGeown - "I love training at RikFit! I feel so much more confident in training/nutrition now. Plus, the coaches genuinely care about you and want to help you achieve your goals. The packages are extremely affordable and are such a value for money."


Cale Orman - "My time at RikFit really helped me in achieving my goals and directed me in the right direction! Training with RikFit gave me a diet plan suited to my body and was always there for help if I needed it or felt like I was falling off track. I hit PB’s I never thought I could achieve in such a short timeframe. I would recommend to anybody who wants to get fit quick!"


Mason Carey - "When I started at RikFit I was out of shape and had no confidence. Instantly I could see physical and mental results because the team of coaches treated me more than just a client, they wanted to bring out the best of me in every way. It was a great atmosphere and training was always fun! I couldn't recommend RikFit enough!"


Andie Worrall - "I started to use Rik after he was recommended to me by a good friend. I was getting married in April 2018 so wanted to get fit for my wedding. I started with Rik in around the November of 2017.
I initially found it hard but soon got into the swing of things and found the sessions challenging and enjoyable. I liked that we were able to do this at Rik’s home which is relatively private. I also loved that there was nothing pretentious about the set up and it was quite raw.
There were many a session held at 6.30am at -2, but Rik soon gets you warned up with a stream of vigorous  warm ups and his super charged flamed heater.
I worked with Rik for around 9 months and was general really sad when our time came to an end. Rik has taught me so much about different aspects of fitness and nutrition that I have been able to go it alone and have my own set up in my garage at home.
Rik is not just a great trainer he is also a great person who I can’t recommend highly enough. He charges really competitive rates, he gets results and the setup he has is perfect for anyone especially those that want the peace and quiet of a really private space to work out.
I know from experience that going to a public gym can be a real ordeal for some so Rik is the answer to that".


Kai Nuttall - "After just 3 months at RikFit I’m already well on my to achieving my goals. RikFit is dedicated to making sure you are achieving your goals as well as making sure you’re doing it in the best way possible for you! After 3 months of coaching I have learned an awful lot that I’m looking to use myself in the next few months. I highly recommend RikFit to anyone who is looking for a personal coach."


Niall Crowe - "RikFit has encouraged, supported and inspired me in the way I think about myself, it has added to my confidence to feel this fit, I have lost a fair amount of weight, built muscle and have never felt fitter. Rick has done this in a supportive, yet firm way that has ensured I gain the maximum from our one to one session, I cannot thank him enough for changing my nasty habits & bringing back a person who needed motivation to return to the gym, a genuine huge thank you RikFit, highly recommended."


Jenna Hughes - "I have absolutely loved my time at RikFit. Before I joined, I had such a negative attitude towards the gym and personal training after bad past experiences, however at RikFit I have not only felt like part of a fitness family, I have made massive personal goals come true! The training is suitable for all abilities and I have never felt more comfortable with exercising as I do now. I will continue with RikFit even when I have reached my ultimate goal, I couldn’t imagine not being here with these amazing people, so thank you


Adam Hardman - "Training at RikFit has given me the confidence and knowledge that will help me with training beyond RikFit. All the coaches are very knowledgeable and approachable, making the sessions fun whilst pushing you to reach beyond your goals. I couldn’t recommend Ricky and the team enough!"


Mollie Kieley - "RikFit has changed my life in a number of ways! I’m not only fitter & slimmer, but also stronger - both physically & mentally. The RikFit team have become a second family to me due to how supportive and lovely they are. I have absolutely loved training with RikFit and being a member of their team. It’s such a challenging, fun environment to be involved in (which I struggled to find anywhere else). I cannot recommend RikFit enough and cannot wait to see how I progress further with this amazing team behind me."


Mailen Hughes - "My time at RikFit helped me to build a great mindset towards fitness! The team helped educate me on a more productive and challenging way of training. I also learned how to follow a healthy diet that suited me through the programme I was given, and it really helped to see a difference in such a short amount of time! I hope to be back in the future 👊!”


Cameron Lever - "Having trained at RikFit on and off for almost 10 years now, I know first-hand the time and dedication it provides in order for us to reach our goals. Training is fun and based upon principles Ricky has learned and crafted in order to provide close to cutting edge support and guidance. RikFit puts you in the driving seat and I’m eagerly awaiting my next transformation!"


Alex Mullings - My time at RikFit has been unlike any other training experience in my life! The energy and atmosphere during training helped motivate me to not only transform my physique, but also transform my life for the better. I’ve developed great friendships & bonded with fellow coaches & clients in and out of the gym, and each coach constantly supports me to be the best version on myself! 10/10 for education, experience & results!


Lauren Caufield - Training at RikFit has helped me transform both physically and mentally. I now love to train and I’m confident working out on my own. More importantly I now understand the importance of following a good healthy balanced diet, reinforced with the positive habits & lifestyle changes I made at RikFit!


Jon Moses - Since coming to RikFit my focus has completely shifted, and my energy levels, physical health and self-esteem have all skyrocketed. While I haven’t always been consistent, my weight has reduced dramatically in 12 months. Even when I’ve lacked consistency in my eating and attendance, my weight has stayed at a level, because what they’ve taught me is long term consistency trumps fad diets and short-term gym commitments


Taylor Barry - "I’ve had a great time at RikFit so far! The Male Group programme is extremely well put together and the motivation given daily by all the coaches makes a massive difference compared to training on your own, absolute great experience so far and I'd highly recommend RikFit to anyone looking to get serious results and value for money👍🏻!"


Hollie Lever - "Training with the RikFit family is brilliant, the coaches are friendly and energetic with great attention to detail. It’s helped build my confidence and motivation. Would definitely recommend."


Taylor Melling - "I really enjoyed my time training at RikFit. RikFit helped me improve my overall diet, fitness & strength in a very short amount of time. If you’re looking for some quality personal trainers, I’d definitely recommend all the RikFit Team!"


Sean Jones - I’ve just finished my second stint with Rik, both times I started training with Rik we’re arguably two of the worst points of my life (poor mindset and fat as fuck) and by the end of the last three month programme I am the fittest I have ever been with a mindset focussed on smashing goals in the gym and in life in general. The knowledge I have gained on nutrition, training and general chats about life with Rik are invaluable and far exceed the membership fee. The progress pictures speak for themselves. Thanks again Rik and everyone at RikFit.