Online Coaching Services

RikFit Online Coaching is a service that allows you to have more freedom and flexibility as well as having your own personal coach. Unlike traditional personal training, you have the freedom to train on a schedule that suits you, whilst still having the supervision of an experienced coach to develop a programme for you and assess your progress.

Our personal Online Coaching package include the following:

  • Personalised training programme
  • Personalised Nutrition Programme
  • Bi-weekly nutrition and training reviews
  • The RikFit app to monitor the following;
  1. Dashboard – Your dashboard keeps you up to date with when training sessions are due, how many have been completed/missed & are upcoming. You can also message your coach privately via the dashboard.
  2. Schedule – This will have your sessions scheduled in for the whole duration of your programme. You will discuss with your coach beforehand what days you prefer to train so they can schedule the sessions in for you.
  3. Programmes – This allows you to see the entirety of your training programme and you can also access your sessions via here if you missed a scheduled training session.
  4. Guides – Within this section you will find PDF documents such as eBooks, Survival Guides, Recipe Guides & much more. There will also be short videos for you to watch on important topics that will cover everything you need to know.
  5. Logbook – In this section you will find a couple of subfolders.
  6. Progress monitoring (Photos, measurements, habit logs, assessments)
  7. Daily access to Q&A with coach

Within all of our Online Coaching packages we include the above, however, we offer our pre designed Online Training programmes (see Online Training Programmes for more info) and also offer group online coaching packages that reduce the price you pay per month.

Why would RikFit Online Coaching be right for you?

It’s a much more affordable personalised coaching service, costing up to 75% less than your standard personal training programmes as you do not need to see your coach in-person.

You will receive a completely personalised training programme that will help you achieve the best results in the fastest and safest way possible.

You can perform the programme in any gym and don’t have to stick to the schedule of a coach, which means you can perform the programme at your preferred times.

Having a personal coach to be accountable to will improve how well you stick to your training and nutrition programme. Also, they will help educate and empower you to eventually take ownership of your own training and nutrition regime.

You will become healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident as you progress through your personalised training programme.