Can you control your training like Messi controls a football?

Can you control your training like Messi controls a football?

I bet you’re thinking, where on earth is this blog going. We don’t blame you but promise there’s some meaning to it!

This blog is on Time Under Tension (TUT).

What is TUT?

Time under tension is the amount of time muscle is held under tension or strain during a set.

It is there to lengthen each phase of the movements in the idea it will force your muscles to work harder in the more difficult phase of the lift and optimize strength and muscle growth.

Benefits of TUT?

TUT is one of the most used training methods for people to gain strength, grow muscle and burst through any plateaus.

The bigger and stronger you get it’ll improve bone mineral density which decreases risks of sprains, fractures, breaks etc.

Another benefit is developing work capacity, with TUT lifts your working sets will be completed at a lower % of 1 rep max so with this you’ll be completing longer working sets, resulting in more muscle fibre recruitment with the result being improved work capacity and muscle growth.

How do I apply it?

Let’s use tempo squats as an example.

You can do the 4-2-2-0 tempo, meaning you’ll lower yourself into the squat for 4 seconds, pause at the bottom for 2, explode up for 2 seconds and then immediately begin your next rep.

Altogether, each rep will take you 8 seconds. If you do 5 reps for a set, that’s 40 seconds spent doing tempo squats which falls in the strength gain range.

If you’re interested in going into even more detail on this topic, follow this link to see a breakdown of this so you can start applying it to your training. 

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