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Transforming your physique in just 3 months is no easy task…

For some people it’s a perfectly realistic timeframe to achieve outstanding results, for others it may take a little longer (or even shorter). Either way, one thing I’ve noticed after helping hundreds of people transform in just 12 weeks (3 months) is that everyone usually has 3-5 key things they need to change or focus on in order to achieve great results.

This differs from person to person, as each individual has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and one of my jobs as a coach is to analyse, identify and plan for these strengths and weaknesses.

However, considering who my general audience is, I’ve come up with 3 things that I think will work great for you as actions you can take to achieve great results. So, without further ado, here’s those 3 things:


You might be thinking “yeah, that’s blatantly obvious Rik…” but just hear me out a second… Training is a habit. The more you train, the more you develop a habit of wanting to train and turning it into something that is second nature; something that is embedded into your lifestyle and you do it without even properly thinking about it.

Training 3-4x per week is good and you can get GREAT results by doing it, but if you’re looking to get great results within just 12 weeks, you NEED to get it in as much as possible and you can’t really afford to have too many days off due to the short time scale you’re trying to get results in.

So, instead of just training 3-4x per week, train every day. Actually, train multiple times per day. If you’re trying to achieve something in 12 weeks, your motivation should be high and your length of commitment to training so frequently is only short in the grand scheme of things so you WILL be able to get away with it and you WILL reap the rewards of it.

Obviously do not push yourself to injury though or make yourself sick! Keep your sessions within reason. You’re trying to transform your body in 12 weeks, not become a tri-athlete. Sessions can be as little as 10-15 minutes long and you’d still get great results from them, or you could do an hour every day but with adequate rest in-between working sets to make sure you are recovering in order to perform with proper and safe form.


Don’t get me wrong again here… I’m not saying “GO KETO” “FUCK CARBS”. I’m saying something very different! Packing your meals with LOTS of protein and lots of veg/salad is all about filling yourself up for longer. You will feel more satiated and as a result of this you will function, perform and adhere to a healthier, balanced diet better.

This works especially well if you’re trying to lose fat. You can easily have a seriously hefty 500 calories meal if you pack it out with a few 100gs of turkey breast, mixed spices, almost unlimited mixed salad and a dressing of choice, which when done right can be seriously tasty and satisfying.

Whereas with a pot of chicken pasta with sauce, you’re literally looking at a few handfuls of food before you’ve consumed far more than 500 calories.

The more hungry you are, the more likely you’re going to make a mistake with your nutrition and if these mistakes become a regular occurrence then you won’t get results altogether so it’s better to stuff that mouth of yours with tons of protein and veg than it is with a “low calorie pizza” because you’re going to feel fuller for longer and potentially not even feel like you’re on a diet altogether due to the amount of food you’re eating!


If you’re embarking on a 12-week transformation and you don’t even know your calorie needs in order to achieve your goals, then stop what you’re doing and figure them out right now. Calories are king. You will never get around them, unless you have an autoimmune disease like me… then you can stop injecting your insulin, slowly waste away, but enjoy 6000 calories a day whilst losing 2-3kg a week… woohoo! P.s I’m joking, I would never knowingly do that in a million years, but calories don’t really apply in certain aspects of seriously ill health.

Calories are king. They will have the final say, whether you get results or not. If you’re looking to lose weight but you’re smashing booze and takeaways every weekend and consuming a RIDICULOUS number of calories, then you’re NOT going to get results. However, it’s pretty hard to stop socialising especially since we are social beings. We need to socialise to be happy and it’s a habit formed since we were merely children. Taking away the socialising will usually result in sadness or depression, unless the socialising was originally contributing to sadness or depression (which can be for a multitude of reasons), then it’s good to skip it completely and re-evaluate what makes you happy.

For most people though, restricting socialising means it’s only a matter of time before the flood gates open and you go CRAZY… #bignightout! Instead, it’s a much better idea to cater for your socialising, rather than restricting it completely. You can easily adjust your calories to suit your drinking or eating out once every week or two. All you need to do is lower your calories all the days you’re not attending your social event, then on that day you can use those saved up calories without a care in the world (to a certain extent). For example, if you were to restrict 500 calories per day for 5 days during the week, you would have an extra 3000 calories to consume at the weekend.

Word of warning though, only do this on a weekly schedule. Don’t save up calories every day for a month then go and binge for two weeks straight – it doesn’t work like that!


Cale is a social guy who enjoys his food (like most of us do). Therefore, to get great results he needs to bump up his calorie expenditure (train frequently), consume loads of protein and veg (aid recovery from training frequently and feel fuller for longer) and finally, manipulate his calories to cater for social events (because at the end of the day, he would be bored out of his skull if he didn’t have a good laugh with his mates every week or so).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any questions on it, fire away!

Much love, Rik


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