Transform for Life - Natasha's Story

Transform for Life - Natasha's Story

Today's blog is going to be focussed on one of our client success stories, Natasha.

We began conversing with Tasha earlier in the year via Instagram and got chatting about her current and previous training experience.

Having consulted with Tasha she had told us that in the past year she had an accident which had resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury which had impacted her life massively. She wasn’t able to work (she loves her job by the way) and even found the smallest tasks difficult. 

Within this she had lost all routine with her training, nutrition and lifestyle and didn’t have the confidence to step back into a gym. 

The crazy thing is when we first made contact with Tasha that week she had been looking around at potential gyms to get herself started again and had even looked at the RikFit page, coincidence or magic?

Natasha then came down for a free personal training trial as she needed to see what it was like to train with us and get an understanding of what we offer, more importantly we had to see if she was the right fit for us too.

Straight away we knew she was going to slot right into the RikFit community. From that session we decided that the Transformation Groups would be perfect for Tasha, she is a very sociable person and was looking to build some friendships within the gym setting.

Although she would tell you she didn’t fully agree with this opinion at first I’m sure she would tell you now it was DEFINITELY the right choice.

Tasha started training with the groups on the second block of the year which started in April. Straight away she hit it off with the other 3 ladies Beth, Rachel & Abbie.

Within Tasha’s training there were a few things that she found tough at first due to general fatigue and other things, but us coaches always made sure we adjusted a few things to suit her needs.

Some insane progress has been made within training and Tasha is the most confident and strongest she has ever been in the gym.

On the nutrition side of things she was (and still is) smashing it following the protocol we set to a tee and always communicating with the coaches in order to meet her goals.

Managing the social lifestyle alongside trying to lose weight was something she struggled to do previously. Some small sacrifices have been made but ultimately by communicating with us she has found a way to lose weight and still enjoy life.

Tasha is now on her second training block with us and will be staying on for a third until the end of the year. She is well on her way to having full ownership over her training, nutrition and lifestyle.

She tells us in her success story (which we’ll be dropping on Insta in full in a few weeks that joining RikFit was the best decision she ever made for herself.

6 months ago Tasha was in a very different place to where she is now, she has built confidence in and out of the gym, has built strength both physically and mentally and has gained some amazing friendships for life.

This is what the Transformation Groups do; build confidence, strength, friendships and give you the ownership to go off and manage your training and nutrition independently.

Our focus is to help you TRANSFORM FOR LIFE.

We really hope you enjoyed Tasha’s story and will be showcasing her story in full over at 

Stay tuned for next week's blog which will go into more detail about why the Transformation Groups can help you TRANSFORM FOR LIFE.

Hope you have a great day,

Ben Mannion

Head Coach
RikFit Dynamic Coaching

P.s. anyone who’s interested in finding out more about how we can help you, then drop us an email at with what you need help with. Myself (Ben), Rik, Cam or Ethan will get back to you ASAP to find solutions to your problems.

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