4 Week Gym Male Strength Programme

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This is a short-term strength training programme that is progressively overloaded over the course of 4 weeks. It contains a set training structure that helps to improve full body strength with more of a focus on upper body.

This programme is ideal for males looking to increase strength, size and overall definition. Each session contains mainly low reps and sets so you can focus on increasing how much weight you lift each week, along with training every muscle group frequently throughout the week.

This programme includes;

  • Dashboard – which provides you of an overview of your profile, you can also message a coach privately.
  • Programmes – This section includes your 4 Week Gym Strength Programme consisting of 3 sessions per week. A pre workout mobility routine, and a logging system where you can monitor your reps, sets, weight etc... and compare your progress with previous weeks. It also provides you with video tutorials to demonstrate correct form and assist your training experience.
  • Guides – Within this section you will find a couple of FREE eBooks that we have provided for you as an extra.
  • Logbook – In this section you can monitor your progress pictures, habits, measurements and can also connect MyFitnessPal to monitor your nutrition.

Overall, this programme will give you the tools and experience to follow a structured routine which allows you to monitor your progress over a set period of time. The experience you will gain from this programme will not only empower you to perform and look better, but it will also set the standard you should aspire for when following other training programmes.