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In this e-book we cover the fundamentals of nutrition and training. It will provide you with the right education and basic understanding in order for you to progress with your nutrition and training.

This e-book has been created because, as we know in the current climate, there is a lot of contradictive information out there. We have made this e-book to clear that up for you and help you understand what you actually need to do in order to achieve your goals.

What topics we cover in this e-book;


• Fundamentals of nutrition
• Calories, Macros and TDEE
• Lifestyle, Habits and Behaviour patterns
• How to track your nutrition, methods of tracking, and how to track accurately
• Measuring food without scales
• Using My Fitness Pal
• Common tracking problems


• Fundamentals of training
• Work Ethic
• Adherence
• Volume, Intensity and Frequency
• Progressive overload

Our nutrition and training e-book is unique from others as everything we speak about comes from an evidence-based background. We have managed to condense the information in this booklet from what could have been hundreds of pages, all into less than 30 pages and created a personalised feel to it. There are also tasks within the book, such as figuring out your own calorie and macro targets with our simple equations.